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The Path to Awareness

Many people get seduced into thinking that if they are walking a spiritual path, they will obtain some sort of divine protection from anything that is too difficult and too painful.  The fact is, the spiritual path to self-awareness is difficult.  No matter how you slice it, it comes up difficult. It’s good to know this…

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Life Without Judgment

We consume an enormous amount of energy judging others and judging ourselves. A day doesn’t go by when we do not pass judgment.  This is no accident.  We’re conditioned to judge. Judgment is encouraged because it oils the joints that support the status quo and the existing power structures. Like programmed robots, we dive daily and dutifully into…

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My Spirit Guides

2008 The spirit world is not at all what I thought it was.  To my surprise, the spirit guides I work with are not all-knowing. They do not even know everything about me. That was my first shock. It flew directly in the face of the Santa Claus song I grew up with and took…

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