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How To Keep Your Power

Power is attractive and enticing.  We all want to feel powerful, and we want others to see us as powerful.   This is as it should be.  Yet, we have an uncanny ability–habit?–to continually give our power away.  Humans have been handing over their power on a silver platter for thousands of years. Who do we give it…

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Observe, Observe, & Observe Some More!

You can never do it enough. It will often bring surprises. Most times we hate to do it.  We’d rather create our own fantasies. We’d rather swim in the pool of our own beliefs, and wrap ourselves up in the cozy blanket of our own opinions. We’d rather be in denial.  We’d rather medicate. We’d…

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Why Are We Rushing?

As a former New Yorker, I understand the drive to rush. New Yorkers are always in a hurry.  And they walk fast.  I considered myself a successful New Yorker because I could outwalk almost anyone next to me.  I could cross the street faster, get to the bus stop quicker, dodge my way through a subway crowd…

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