The House of Mirrors

When I was a young girl I lived near a large amusement park in Rye, New York.  It was old enough to still have a House of Mirrors, one of my favorite places to visit.  After paying my admission ticket, I would run up the weirdly lit yellow hallway to begin exploring the lopsided maze of rooms that made up the House of Mirrors. The first room made me appear wide. Wherever I looked, there was a distorted image of me looking short, fat and round. The next room made me appear tall and skinny. On the walls, up on the ceiling and even down on the floor I was standing on, everywhere there was a tall and skinny image of me.

I would run through the rooms, each room jolting me with a strange representation of what I looked like. Whirling around as fast as I could, I tried to see if I could catch a glimpse of the real me, but always a distortion stared back. Room after room filled with distortions — such was the House of Mirrors.  After a while, I would become dizzy with the deception of the mirrors and longed to see the real me again. If I wanted to see a true reflection of myself, I knew I had to get out of the place all-together.

That is what my blog is about – getting out of the House of Mirrors. This time, it’s the House of Mirrors inside our heads. Free and Fearless is about opening the doors on the distortions that live in the many-roomed house inside our minds — rooms that you, me, our parents, our society, our religions, our governments, have built. When we’re ready to vacate these old and useless rooms of deceptions, we can symbolically blow the whole house up…. and not build a new one. Instead, we can learn to leave the space inside our minds empty and open, so that we can come to the present moment free from distortions, undecided, free to explore and experiment, inquire and create — free to be free and fearless.  You are welcome to share this journey out of the House of Mirrors with me and to add your comments along the way.

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