My Spirit Guides


The spirit world is not at all what I thought it was.  To my surprise, the spirit guides I work with are not all-knowing. They do not even know everything about me. That was my first shock. It flew directly in the face of the Santa Claus song I grew up with and took to heart as the model for all spirits. You know the lyrics… something like: Santa Claus is coming to town... he knows (this) and he knows (that) and he knows if you’ve been bad or good… so be good for heaven’s sake!

At first I pondered if perhaps my guides weren’t advanced enough.  Perhaps they had not taken the “All-seeing, All-knowing” class.  Then I began to realize that not even the "Creator" has taken that class… nor are any of “them” even interested in it! One of the guides gave me a hint into this perplexing state of affairs:  it is only humans who are interested in becoming “all-knowing”, because it gives them the illusion of control and domination over the unknown and the uncertain future.

I have since learned that dancing with uncertainty is one of the lessons we come to the earth plane to learn...  and that  “All Knowing” is not even an option in a multiverse that is continually creating and evolving itself.  I will blog about this interesting subject later… in the meantime, you are welcome to visit Jennie Marlow’s blog on the subject of uncertainty.  Jennie is the conscious channel for the 3 guides I work with.

Another thing that began to dawn on me very slowly is that the guides were all different. I would note that a guide would give credit to another guide for this or that, and vice versa. I found that peculiar because for the longest time I just glumped them all together, as if they were one cosmic-spirit-energy blob. But now I know them as completely different and quite unique, individuated energies. I have even graduated to the point where I don’t visualize them – or need to visualize them –  in human form.

In fact, if my life guide (who, unlike some of the guides, has never had a human experience) tries to appear as a human, I just pooh-pooh him. “Stop trying,” I say.  I have finally gotten comfortable with the realization that the guides are energy, and that energy need not take a human form in order to be real, individuated, and have intelligence and humor. I have come to understand that I, too, am energy, and that this human body I carry around while on this earth dimension is a very temporary, though remarkable, vehicle.

I have also had to re-think and un-decide the beliefs that I had about God.  For example, at first I found it confusing to take whole-heartedly the wisdom that came from my guides.  Wouldn’t the God who I’ve been talking to since I was a child be angry, or hurt? Wasn’t it sacrilegious?  And who were the guides in relation to God? Shouldn’t I forget the guides and deal only with the head honcho?  It was clear to me I had fallen into the very human trap of attributing human emotions to God.  I was personifying God… and the whole spirit realm.

After working with these guides for 3 years now, my understanding of the Creative Energy that streams through all dimensions has expanded considerably. Though my spirituality has deepened, I don’t even use the word “God” anymore, because there is just no way I can get beyond seeing a human figure whenever I say or hear that word… it may be a super-duper, celestial being… but with human attributes, nonetheless.  I’m also OK with the fact that there are huge pieces of this puzzle that I can’t comprehend while in human form, and that there will always be some part that is the Mystery, no matter what dimension I frequent in my future, non-human journeys.

Along these lines of human vs. the spirit world, another thing that still continues to surprise me is that these spirit guides are not at all under the influence of the more undesirable aspects that are part of the human journey: like the human conditioning to feel and express shame, blame, guilt, outrage, pity and self-pity.  The guides simply do not engage in these emotional states.  And should I in my unconscious state try to fling some of this humanoid emotion at them, it isn’t even accurate to say it does not stick. I don’t even think it reaches them. Rather, it just seems to fall into some huge abyss that exists at the edge of the human dimension, and before vanishing, lights up briefly and mirrors back to me my own projected feeling, so that, if I want, I can learn from it.

These spirit guides also do not speak with forked tongues. They are very authentic. They say what they mean and say it with clarity. However, my forked human mind can take what they say and run with it.  That is because as a human I am so conditioned to second-guess what someone says: “What was he really trying to say? Does he really mean…? Was that his way of saying that...?”  etc. etc. etc.. It continues to come as a pleasant surprise that these guides speak authentically and with simple clarity.  Sometimes I wonder how they have the patience to deal with my run-away mind, until I remember that patience and impatience are also just a humanoid thing.

No, the spirit world is not at all what I thought it was.  But while there are no all-seeing-all-knowing super-star gods, a-la Santa Claus, it has nonetheless been incredibly refreshing and a real eye-opener to work with these spirit guides, who are now also models for me of how I can act as a more conscious human being. Their names? The guides use the names White Buffalo, Spotted Eagle, and Grandfather White Elk.  For more information on my spirit guides, click on Jennie Marlow's website, the amazing person who channels my guides.

I will mention them frequently in my blogs, because their guidance and spiritual information has had and continues to have a profound impact on me and my own evolution.  And then there is my life guide (un-named) and my guide group... Sometimes I’ve wondered how a pragmatic person like me could get involved with spirit guides. But after all, did I really think it logical that we would go through a mega-economic, global transformation and spiritual shift without any help from the spirit world??